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Ernie “Savvy” Sanders, Co-CEO, Founder, and Co-Chairman
With a background in engineering and business, Ernie ``Savvy`` Sanders has developed a vivid interest for the equities markets. When he was just 7 years old, he invested in his first stock (Nortel). Having held it through the boom and bust without making a single penny gain on his investment, he quickly formed a desire to learn more about the mechanics of the stock market. Ernie has read countless books on investing and has executed scores of stock trades in his trading accounts. He has learned many great strategies from the legends in investing (Warren Buffet, Jim Cramer, Eric Sprott, etc.). Ernie was nicknamed ``Savvy`` by his co-workers due to his keen eye for market mispricing. That is, when the markets are overbought or oversold, Ernie isn`t shy to unleash all the firepower to make massive profits in very short periods of time on ridiculous market swings. Ernie has always been known for jumping into the markets when everyone wanted out. Some analysts have called him crazy for doing so but look where he is now. Ernie ``Savvy`` Sanders is sitting at the top of Fillmore Capital Management and dissipates the latest in takeover news via and is focused on delivering outperformance to all who want to be part of this success story.

Andy “Raw” Kibbens , Co-CEO, Founder, and Co-Chairman
Andy "Raw" Kibbens was a hedge fund manager in his early career. And by early, I mean before he could even speak. Until 1987, Andy was physically missing his voice box. But that didn`t stop him from thinking up brilliant investment philosophies and strategies. He was still able to successfully manage 3 different hedge funds by paper and pencil as computers were not yet main stream. In 1987, he was gifted with a voice box which allowed him to speak and give him that leap forward ahead of all the competition. Shortly after, he co-founded `The Markets Are Open` (TMAO) in 1993. TMAO serves millions a day and is nothing short of an outright homerun success story. Andy ``Raw`` Kibbens is well known for his positive attitude and determination. He was presented with an Honorary Doctorate degree in 2000 for his lesser known internet start-up company named ``Root Pi``. Like many other tech companies of that era, it had a short lived boom followed by a gut wrenching bust of immeasurable proportions. Indeed, Andy learned invaluable lessons from this disaster and now feels like he is on top of the world. Andy is not all about stocks. In his spare time, he enjoys writing children`s fantasy stories as well as horror novels. However, at all other times of the day, Andy is sleeping, eating, and thinking how to make himself and everyone around him rich.

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