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Friday, September 10, 2010

Arcsight (NASDAQ: ARST) in Sight for Takeout

Shares of Arcsight (NASDAQ: ARST) are getting a bid Friday morning as takeover chatter and buyout rumors for this stock flood wall street. Analysts continuously discuss the possibility of ARST being taken over but we have yet to see any concrete evidence of this. Eric Savoie, Co-CEO of Fillmore Capital Management said "We are shorting ARST right here right now. There is no evidence that this company is going to be taken over for 40$/share as the rumors suggest. We believe this hype is unjustified and the stock will slowly erode in value over time." Put option volume on ARST soared on Thursday indicating that investors are preparing, by buying insurance, for a strong move down in the stock.

Arcsight is an enterprise software solutions company. They deal with cyber security software for large corporations.